This year Mums' and Dads' Club presented its work at VCSE Project Launch.
A big thank you to parents and children who represented our project.
Thank you Salford CVS for inviting us to be a part of the event.

Mums’ and Dads’ Club secured £700 from the Little Pot of Health funding. The money will be used for supplies and refreshments.
Next year, we are planning to run a series of craft sessions for adults in school time and a series of after school family scrapbooking workshops.

Thank you to everyone who has been to Mums’ and Dads’ Club. It has been another great year. Thank you to parents, carers, children and the staff members for supporting this brilliant project.

If you haven’t tried Mums’ and Dads’ Club yet, no worries, there will be plenty exciting sessions and family activities from September. Look out for details in the Newsletter and on the school’s Facebook page.
Have a great summer!

Aleksandra Zgrabczynska (Ola)
Parent Link Worker

30th June 2017 Alice in Wonderland

We had such a great time turning a milk bottle into a vase! We also made Alice in Wonderland Golden Afternoon Flowers. We enjoyed delicious cakes and hot chocolate.
Alice in Wonderland photo booth was available with a free photo for every family. They all look so fun.

‘Absolutely brilliant. The kids loved it and the extra treat of hot chocolate and cakes went down a storm - well done.’

‘I really enjoyed the session. It was something for the girls to look forward to.’

23rd June 2017 Worry Dolls

Don't you worry doll! Tell your fears to go away by sharing them with your Don't you worry doll. Tell your doll your troubles and place her under your pillow while you sleep and she will carry your fears away!
Loads of colourful worry dolls were made.. Hopefully there will no reason to worry about anything. Make sure everybody you take a good care of your little friend.

‘Really enjoyed making worry dolls. Great resources as usual. Kids really enjoyed the session.’

‘Loads of fun making worry dolls with the girls today.’

16th June 2017 Father’s Day

We decorated photo frames with a beautiful family photo inside for Father's Day. Children also made a love heart flower with a hidden message written inside.

‘It was great to see lots of mums and children making dads happy and that they will enjoy Father’s Day.’

‘Today we had lots of fun making photo frames and flowers for Father’s Day. The kids loved it as did I.’

9th June 2017 Dream catcher making

Look at our beautiful dream catchers. All so unique and colourful. Great job everybody.

‘Fantastic!! Great idea to do dream catchers! Good to see so many faces!’

‘Today’s session was fun. Full of enjoyment for both parents and children.’

‘Lovely. Enjoyed daughter and mother time. Very nice getting to meet other parents.’

26th May 2017 Fun Factory

We made stress balls today using balloons. It was so much fun. We also played games and had a laugh taking photos at our special photo booth.

‘It was fun. A new crafting idea with the stress balls. Fun non-competitive games.’

‘Absolutely brilliant! Loved the stress ball idea as I have never done it before.’

19th May 2017 Coaster decorating

The children were very creative decorating their own coaters. Loads of brilliant designs. Well done.

‘Kids loved it. Nice and easy plus something they are looking forward to using. Brilliant.’

‘Today was very good. We loved it.’

12th May 2017 Rainbow toasts

We had a go at Rainbow toast making. Loads of fantastic designs and colours.

‘The children enjoyed the food colouring on the toasts.’

‘I thought it was very good and I am going to use this activity with my afterschool club.’

‘Boys enjoyed painting bread. This is a great idea for at home.’

5th May 2017 Flying gliders

We had a great time decorating and putting together flying gliders. We also had a go at trying them out! Loads of smiles on children's faces.

‘Very good session and easy for the kids to complete the task.’

‘Great activity. We could go out and play with them in the sun.’

28th April 2017 Comic books

We made loads of fun comic books. Children and adults used their own photos taken during the session and became superheroes, pirates and princesses in their own stories.

‘Great session and great ideas.’

‘It was brilliant! We loved naming our characters. A lot of pictures to choose from.’

21st April 2017 Pokemons

Variety of Pokemon crafts, such as painting posters and paper weights were available today. Our families could learn how to draw their favourite Pokemon by following step-by-step tutorial.

‘Good fun colouring. Brings back memories. Nice meeting new parents.’

‘Today has been fab. I enjoy spending time with my children and other children doing activities.’

24th March 2017 Mother’s Day

We had a lovely Mother's Day session. Children made beautiful cards for the occasion including cute photos taken during the session.

‘Great session lots to do. Great examples to use. Liked the idea of taking and printing photos.’

23rd March 2017 Easter workshop

Cress caterpillars and cards were made at our Easter Workshop. Everybody seemed to enjoy it.

‘Brilliant session. Lots of different materials for the children to use.’

‘Fantastic session – lots of supplies and crafty ideas.’

17th March 2017 Drawstring backpack decorating

Children liked decorating their own Drawstring backpacks. Names, favourite characters and special symbols were included. All looked marvellous.

‘Great session. Plenty of resources for everyone. Lots of ideas provided.’

It’s been good. My son really loved the fabric pens. He was happy to write his name and there was loads of different colours.’

10th March 2017 Fashion designers

Children became fashion designers today creating their own composition of fairy, footballer and pirate outfits. We have seen some amazing ideas.

‘It’s been good. Loads of different templates to choose from. It also encouraged the kids to use their imagination and creativity.’

'Brilliant session. Lots of resources for girls. Great ideas for designing their own dresses.’

3rd March 2017 Paper crafts

Our families had a good time making variety of paper crafts such as climbing lizard, swirly snake or wooden peg animals. Being creative is such a good fun.

‘It was lovely and a nice relaxed atmosphere with simple things to do yet very effective activities.’

‘Today has been lovely. My son really enjoyed sticking bits on his snake also colouring in his crocodile.’

17th February 2017 Monsters making

Today's session was brilliant! Children released their imagination and created all kind of monsters: paper chain, spooky shadow puppets and blow-painted. It was fun for the whole family.

‘We all enjoyed today’s session making monsters. Great resources as usual.’

‘Lots of variety which was very fun for all.’

10th February 2017 Valentine’s Day

Today we had so much fun making sweets, decorating little boxes and making Valentine's Day cards at Mums' and Dads' Club.

‘Very good session. Lots of simple crafts that the kids could do.’

‘It is interesting. Full of tools and things to use. We made great cards.’

3rd February 2017 Carnival Party

Thank you for coming to our Carnival Party at Mums' and Dads' Club today! We decorated cupcakes and face masks, played fun party games and had a chat over tea/coffee and refreshments. It was lovely to see everybody joining in. We had a great time.

‘Today was a really lovely session. Loads of mask templates to choose from, also loads of different colour stickers. My son loved cake decorating and I really enjoyed the game.’

‘Loved making the masks! The games were fun and really enjoyed it.’

27th January 2017 Chinese New Year

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Maggie and Joanne Yu for putting together so many brilliant ideas for Chinese New Year session at Mums' and Dads' Club and bringing fortune cookies for everybody. We had a great time!

‘I loved today’s session – mostly making fans and lanterns.’

‘Lovely session with a great variety of themed activities.’

20th January 2017 Clay modelling

Our beautiful clay pendants made at Mums' and Dads' Club were then fired in the kiln. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mrs and Mr Whitehouse and the Arts Department at Irlam and Cadishead College for making it happen.

Sports Day 2017

On Wednesday 21st June, we hosted our annual sports day. The weather was glorious and we had a lovely day. We would like to say a big well done to all the children for taking part, trying their very best, and for all those who kept going until the finish line for every race. You should all be proud of your achievements. We were all very impressed by the children’s excellent behaviour and sportsman-ship on the day. The winning house was Donaldson. We would like to thank all the parents and carers that came and supported their children on the day—it was fantastic to see so many of you. We would also like to offer a special thank you to Miss Jones and Mr Mansbridge for organising the event and keeping everything running smoothly.
Thank you all, once again, for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

Y3 at Bridgewater Hall

On Wednesday, the Y3 children went to the famous Bridgewater Hall in Manchester to sing and play their instruments with the fantastic Halle orchestra. Lots of other schools were there as well, playing many different instruments, so it sounded absolutely brilliant. Well done to all the children for their great behaviour and participation. We also listened to some lovely pieces by the orchestra, but for many the highlight was when they played a tune on their fidget spinners! The orchestra challenged us to do the same, so we will try it next week and let you know how we got on!

Time-travellers in training!

Year 6 had a great time with their drama visitor on Thursday. Acting as potential timetravel masters, the children 'explored' the former Mayan city state of Palenque learning about the different tiers of society; how the Maya made themselves more beautiful as well as the many things they invented which are still in use today! All the children passed their master training with the help of their tour guide and the king Pakal The Great. A great afternoon was had by all!

Chat Moss

Year 5 enjoyed a great day at Chat Moss on Thursday 25th May where they compared that
habitat with the rainforest ;created animal collages and built dens!

Ancient Greece

This half term we have been enjoying learning all about Ancient Greece. We have read myths and fables in English and written our own versions. Also we have used information texts to find out about the Olympics and Greek Gods. We designed and made our own temples with statues of the Gods inside, and painted Greek pot pictures.

Fun In The Sun

All the pupils enjoyed ice lollies as an end of half term treat.

Year 4 and Year 6

This week the year 6 children had the opportunity to put all of their maths knowledge from SAT's to the test and become teachers for the afternoon!
This was a great way to show their maths mastery skills, as not only did they have to know about the topics covered, they had to be able to explain, break down and support the year 4 children they were teaching, which is not an easy skill!

They all did a fantastic job, creating engaging power points for their students, worksheets and hands on activities to really support the teaching of time, area, perimeter, shape, division and multiplication.

Both year 6 and year 4 children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and it was a pleasure to see the team work and great maths skills on display!


Our topic this term is Electricity and the children have got off to an illuminating start, showing their enthusiasm for learning all things electric!

This week they had the chance to test complete and incomplete circuits and we used an Orb Ball to investigate what happens to the bulb when there is a break in the circuit.

The children have shown great scientific enquiry skills, testing out different variations of circuits and the impact of this on the bulbs. They are excited for next week when we will be looking at conductors and insulators.

Spring Half Term

In Year 1 we have been busy making and doing this half term! We have been exploring plants and we even grew our own, they looked fascinating under the magnifying glass!
We were extremely proud of our Mother's Day cards, we wrote our own instructions of how to make them and then followed them to see if they worked.
Mr Mansbridge has been learning about time with his maths class, the children challenged him to a 100m race! Of course the pupils won!
A great half term with lots of fun!


Y3 have been learning loads about the Stone Age this half term. We went on a trip to the Moss to learn about the Stone Age in our area, and built our own houses. Then we had a Stone Age day when we tasted foods, made flint arrow heads from soap and did cave paintings in our own caves!

Mrs Dugdale’s English Group

We have been using books by Anthony Browne as a focus for our writing. The children enjoyed reading ‘Hansel and Gretel’. From the story they wrote some super character descriptions of the witch. They then went on to re-tell the story in their own words. We are currently using the book ‘The Tunnel’ as a basis for our writing. The children have used different types of drama to find out more about the main characters in the story, and will use all this information to write their own story based around the events in ‘The Tunnel’.

Mrs Dugdale’s Maths Group

We have continued to develop our basic number skills. We have also done a lot of work around the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), as well as looking at fractions and telling the time.

Mrs Dugdale’s Class

This half term we have been looking at what humans need to stay healthy as well as starting to look at animals and their habitats. We have undertaken some exciting investigations including using flour to show just how easily germs can be spread. We have also been developing our scientific vocabulary and skills, through different classifying activities.

In P.E. we have begun to do rugby skills. We have been learning some basic skills, especially throwing and catching, and using these in team games. All the children have enjoyed these sessions and have shown some great skills.

In R.E we have looked at people who have been inspired by their religion to help other people. In particular we have looked at Mother Teresa. In the run up to Easter we have also learned about Lent and the Easter Story.

Trip to Chester

Last week, Year 4 visited Chester for a Roman tour. They had lots of fun learning about the Romans through role play, a workshop with a Roman expert, and tour of the galleries. The children especially enjoyed pretending to be a Roman soldiers and marching to the amphitheatre to practise army tactics.
Both Miss Richardson and Mrs Mansell were extremely impressed with the knowledge the children shared with museum staff and also their impeccable manners.

Dog Day

I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in making Dog Day the success that it was. We raised a huge £400 which means we can now sponsor a class of guide dog puppies throughout their 2 years of training and it’s all thanks to you guys!
I want to say a massive well done to our two winners of the colouring competition Levi Sykes in Y1M and Lilly Kenyon Hoath in Y3 great job girls!
Also well done to Matthew Lister in Y4M on being the lucky winner of the doggy and me treat hamper.
I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we all did!
Mr Traynor


This term in science year 4 children have been learning about sound. This has been a great opportunity to investigate the way sound is produced, how it travels and how it can change!

They have used sound sensors to record the decibels that different sounds produce, looked at the effect of vibrations and how these vibrations can be carried by different materials and researched how we can improve our own hearing.
The children have been able to describe their investigations using some fantastic scientific vocabulary and in only 3 weeks they have completed lots of great experiments!

Roman Story

In Miss Richardson's English group they have been writing a narrative based upon a video of a Roman solider called Esso. They weren't allowed to watch the ending, as they had to think of an imaginative ending of their own. As a treat, after two weeks of amazing writing, the ending and revealed and they were given popcorn. The children really enjoyed our cinema style lesson, and they shared their stories to each other afterwards.

Roman Topic

This week we have been learning all about Roman Numerals to link with our Roman History topic. Year 4 picked up the numeral system extremely well and managed to break Miss Richardson's puzzle on Friday.

Reptile Visit

Year 1 had a fantastic time on Thursday afternoon. We were visited by Georgia's Ark and we found out lots of information to link with our 'Hot and Cold Places' topic. Not only that, but we all got to hold and touch creatures like snakes, tortoises and lizards! We found out about where they came from and what they liked to eat, Georgia even fed the monitor lizard right in front of our eyes.....amazing!
We were all super brave and everyone held a corn snake, we asked lots of fantastic question and the most important thing is we had lots of fun!

St David's Day:

I was extremely impressed with my class' performance today in our St David's Day assembly! The children were great at remembering their lines and were loud and clear for all the audience to hear. We hope that all the parents and carers enjoyed it, especially our performance of a Welsh nursery rhyme.

Wonder of Light show at MOSI

On Tuesday 28th February, Year 6 went on a school trip to MOSI as part of their new topic on ‘Light!’ The main part of the trip looked at how mirrors are used in so-called magic tricks, therefore it is not magic but SCIENCE which allows the tricks to be successful!! Some of the children had a chance to take part in these science tricks – Alicia had her head chopped off; Harmeet was turned into a ghost and Jess had a 1000 copies made of herself, much to Miss Jones, Miss Bradshaw and Mrs Thornton’s delight! The children learnt lots about how light travels and what light is able to do and hopefully they will take this new learning into their science lessons. The children also had an opportunity to have fun on the experiments floor which allowed them to explore various scientific ideas and concepts.

Space Topic

Year 5 have really enjoyed their Space topic this half-term These abstract paintings have been inspired by Australian artist Peter Thorpe.

Pirate Topic

Year 1 have had an exciting Pirate week! We have studied the book Pirate Cruncher and have used this to help us write about pirates. We have made treasure maps and used ICT to help us with our maths. We even had golden coins to sort into trash or treasure with our phonics!
What a fabulous time we've had- we even dressed as pirates and acted out scenes like walking the plank and checking maps for treasure!
Thank-you to all parents/carers for the fabulous costumes and helping us to create such a great experience for our children.

Egg experiment:

For our Teeth and Digestion topic in Science, we have been looking at the effects different drinks have on our teeth. We boiled eggs and submerged them in different drinks, and left them for over 2 weeks! We made observational notes every day to see the progress and watch what happened. We then opened them up to find:
- The milk and water didn’t have much effect which shown they are the best drinks for our teeth.
- The mouthwash egg had turned a slight shade of purple, but we understand we only tiny amount of this and decided mouthwash was good for our teeth too.
- The hot chocolate egg had stained slightly brown but Coca Cola had turned the egg shell almost black!
- The orange juice made the egg shell fall away.

From our finding we came to the decision that both Coca Cola and Orange juice are the worst drink for our teeth.

Pirate Topic

Year 1 have had an exciting Pirate week! We have studied the book Pirate Cruncher and have used this to help us write about pirates. We have made treasure maps and used ICT to help us with our maths. We even had golden coins to sort into trash or treasure with our phonics!
What a fabulous time we've had- we even dressed as pirates and acted out scenes like walking the plank and checking maps for treasure!
Thank-you to all parents/carers for the fabulous costumes and helping us to create such a great experience for our children.


In English, the children have been analysing instructional texts. The children were all successful in following the instructions to make a paper drinking cup and were rewarded with a cup of Vimto. Cheers!


In science the children are researching what animals need to stay alive and healthy. Their focus this week was the effect of exercise on their bodies, for which they had to design an investigation which they carried out in their PE lessons.


This week in year 4 both classes had the opportunity to make their own Victorian toys!
The children have completed lots of research for their task and were very excited to be making peg dolls!

They were super proud of their final product and all said they would be more than happy, as a Victorian child, to have something like this to play with.

Spring Half Term

In Year 3 we have been learning about volcanoes as a geography topic. We have also written excellent explanations about volcanoes, learned a volcano dance and made 3D models in groups . This week we erupted them!

The children have also been doing really well in music lessons, the flutes are producing very clear notes and the violins have just started using their bows.

In Maths we have been making and drawing lots of arrays to help us understand multiplication and multiply bigger numbers.

The children's behaviour has continued to be very good and I spotted these three girls sitting ready to learn before the lessons had even started!

The children are also excited that we are in the lead for the attendance race at the moment. They are keeping their fingers crossed!

Mrs Dugdale’s English Group

We have continued to focus on writing sentences correctly, but have looked at extending them to include description. In addition we have been looking at writing questions and commands. The children have also been learning the poem ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough. Last week they had a go at writing verses of their own based around the poem. They had fantastic ideas which demonstrated that they are clearly aware of the different sounds around school!

Mrs Dugdale’s Maths Group

We have continued to build our basic number skills and have been practising counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.
We have also done a lot of work around measuring length, mass and capacity. The children have done lots of practical activities to help them read different scales.

Mrs Dugdale's Class

Our topic this half term has been Africa. The children have enjoyed learning about the climate in Africa and comparing this with the climate in the UK. The children have also been developing their map reading skills, and have loved using a globe, atlases and the internet to investigate where places are. The children also had a go at drawing and then painting pictures of Africa in both dry and rainy season.
We have just moved on to our new topic, which looks at what animals and humans need to stay healthy.
In P.E. we have been doing gymnastics. In particular we have been looking at different ways of moving and balancing. There are definitely some budding gymnasts in 2D!
In R.E we have been looking at ‘The Golden Rule’ and bible stories which link to it. The children role-played the story of The Good Samaritan. We will complete this unit by looking at some more recent people who have been inspired by their faith to help others.
In addition to all of this hard work the children also performed an assembly about Chinese New Year to the rest of the school and some parents.


In English today, my group continued our work on instruction writing. I gave them a terrible set of instructions on how to make a jam sandwich and they gave me many fantastic improvements. Next week, they will be using this experience to write up their instructions independently. From the answers today, I am confident they will be much better than mine! Miss Richardson (Y4)


Today in Miss Richardson's Maths class, the children used skittles to create a bar charts in groups. The class showed how well they could work in a team, how much they had learnt about presenting data and how much they love eating sweets!

Chinese New Year

This week the children have enjoyed learning about Chines New Year. We have made dragon masks, created our own dragon head and painted it red and we got to see a special dragon mask that Matthew brought into school!

Science Digestion

We have now moved onto the Digestion part of our Science topic. Firstly, we wanted to find out what the children already knew about the body. They drew around a child on enormous pieces of paper and doodles what they thought was inside us. The children then discussed what happens from when we eat something until we go to the toilet. There were some interesting ideas. From this we watched a cartoon video all about the Digestive System. The children loved it that much they asked for the website to watch it again and show their parents. Here is the link, enjoy!: http://kidshealth.org/en/kids/dsmovie.html

Lark Hill

There were so many amazing pictures from our trip to Lark Hill last week that it has taken this long to get all the pictures together and choose ones that reflect what a fabulous time we had!

The children had the opportunity to be Time Detectives and investigate real life Victorian artefacts, discussing what they might have been used for! I think the favourite was definitely the back paddle, that was used to have people sit up straight! :-)

The children also got to dress up and have a stroll around the Victorian street in which they could see into all the houses and shops that would have been around at this time!

The children were a credit to the school, asking brilliant questions to gather as much information for their learning as possible and showing their wonderful Fiddlers Lane manners throughout the whole day!

Archery comes to Fiddlers Lane!

On Monday 23rd January, year 6 took part in an archery taster session. Everyone had a go at using a bow and (sucker!) arrow to aim at a target, and to also knock balls of a stand! Reece said, “It was fun shooting arrows!” Asa added, “It was great to do it with our friends,” and finally Nashaela commented saying, “I enjoyed the morning, especially since it was my first time trying archery!” Overall year 6 really enjoyed themselves and their skills were very impressive (8 children even scored a bull’s eye!)


Today in Science, we mixed different ingredients to make our own toothpaste! We previously discussed which qualities a great toothpaste needs and then used this to see if our own made toothpaste was up to scratch! We also learnt how to brush our teeth properly and found out why it is so important to keep good oral hygiene. The children loved mixing the ingredients and felt like real scientists. The general consensus was that our home made toothpaste was far from store bought paste and the faces pulled gave the teachers a giggle.


Today in Science, we mixed different ingredients to make our own toothpaste! We previously discussed which qualities a great toothpaste needs and then used this to see if our own made toothpaste was up to scratch! We also learnt how to brush our teeth properly and found out why it is so important to keep good oral hygiene. The children loved mixing the ingredients and felt like real scientists. The general consensus was that our home made toothpaste was far from store bought paste and the faces pulled gave the teachers a giggle.

The Dogs Trust pays a visit to year 6!

On Monday 16th January, The Dogs Trust visited year 6 as part of their topic on evolution and inheritance. Anna (from The Dogs Trust) and Mo (her dog!) lead a really interesting session looking at the domestication of canines throughout time.

We learnt about how dogs in foreign countries can still be wild and how scientists have studied their behaviour to learn about how they have become 'Man's best friend!' The children then discussed their own ideas about how man influenced the taming of dogs through selective breeding.

Anna also discussed the importance of being a good dog owner especially since it's because of man's influence that they are now pets. Feel free to come and ask anyone in year 6 about being a good dog owner, as they will be able to give some good advice!

Have we always looked like this?

For the start of our Evolution and Inheritance topic, we have discussed and learnt lots of key words that may be used. This included vocabulary such as inheritance, offspring, acquired characteristics, environment, variation and adaptation.

Part of the lesson looking at the scientific approach to adaptation, saw the children sorting living things, matching them with their habitat and also the adapted traits they present with. There were a lot of new facts to be learnt and the children worked well in groups to complete this activity!


Year 4 investigated the function of the different types of teeth by using a banana and other materials such as Lego and forks. We have learnt all the different names of teeth and why we need each one! The children loved mashing up the banana (especially when we added water to represent saliva) and it all got very messy!

9th December 2016 Winter Fair

This year’s Winter Fair was a great success! Thank you to our brilliant PTA members, everybody who donated tombola prizes, local businesses for donating raffle prizes and vouchers, all staff members for helping out at the stalls, wonderful Santa for spending time with the children and everybody who came and enjoyed our event.

2nd December 2016 Salt dough angels painting + Christmas tree decorations

Salt dough angels made a week before were baked and ready to be painted. We also prettied them up with glitter. They turned absolutely gorgeous!
We also made loads of Christmas tree decorations that were used to ‘dress’ the Christmas tree in the library by the children.

What our families liked about the session:

‘I loved it! Love doing Christmas crafts with the kids and a nice variety of activities to stop them getting bored.’

‘It’s been brilliant Ola! Really loved how many activities were available to do.’

‘Really have enjoyed it with my grandson today.’

25th November 2016 Salt dough angels

Children love messy play! We had a great session making salt dough angels. Everybody was very creative. Well done!
We would like to say a massive thank you to our lovely mums who came in early to make the salt dough for the little ones.

What our families liked about the session:

‘Great session today, well planned. Children could follow the instructions easily.’

‘It was very good. Simple enough that kids can do it with a little help.’

‘It was good hands on fun. My daughter enjoyed making the dough then the angel. She also enjoyed getting messy.’

‘Very, very nice! I have never made salt dough crafts before. We both enjoyed it. Definitely will be trying it at home.’

11th November 2016 Peg angels

Today we made loads of Christmas tree decorations such as peg angels, wooden stick Santa, Snowman, Reindeer and beautiful handmade Christmas cards.
Everybody worked really hard to create their own decorations that will pretty up many Christmas trees at home.

What our families liked about the session:

‘A lovely session, great range of Christmas activities, some great ideas to take home. Thanks.’

‘My children really enjoyed today. The angels look lovely and the cards are a really good idea with the fake snow.’

‘Lots of activities, lots of variety to please both my kids. The choice of materials was good, liked how it was all ready cut for us. Very enjoyable and made me feel very Christmassy.’

‘Fantastic session with something for everyone. I particularly enjoyed making the snow globe card.’

4th November 2016 Advent calendars + letters to Santa

We had so much fun making our own Advent calendars with pockets for little treats.
Children had a chance to write a letter to Santa using different templates provided.
Parents and carers at tea and coffee time made a ‘Santa camera’ using cds. It was great to see everybody involved in this extra task (that could help with managing children’s behaviour at home).

What our families liked about the session:

‘Making the advent calendar was so much fun and everyone got involved in cutting and sticking numbers.’

‘The children did not need much else and were happy to stay.’

‘Kids of all ages could participate in cutting and sticking which was the majority of the calendar making.’

‘The Christmas activities and writing to Santa.’

21st October 2016 Pumpkin carving

As always it was a very successful and busy event. Thank you everyone for coming. Your pumpkins were simply amazing!

14th October 2016 Halloween crafts

We continued with the Halloween theme as it was so much fun a week before! This time we made skeletons out of ear buds, paper plate spider webs and we turned our hand prints into Draculas and big scary spiders.

What our families liked about the session:

‘Great fun today, great resources as usual. Lots more Halloween crafts made today. My son took his makes to his class to show everyone.’

‘Myself and my son enjoyed making Halloween based characters. We usually do similar things like this at home at weekends. Thank you for Mums’ and Dads’ Club as I get an extra hour to spend together with him before weekend. Lovely teacher helps the kids enjoy it. Well done.’

‘Messy fun. Spending time as family. Seeing an insight into school life.’

7th October 2016 Halloween decorations

With Halloween coming up our families had an opportunity to make their own Halloween decorations and save some money. A great selection of crafts was available: a colourful banner, newspaper wreath, monster chain, tissue ghosts and wooden stick spider webs.
Even families who normally do not celebrate Halloween found loads of crafts to have fun with.

What our families liked about the session:

‘Everything: variety of activities – a really good atmosphere.’

‘We enjoyed everything about today’s club and spending time together.’

‘Honestly I wasn’t going to attend. But it was fun. My son enjoyed doing the faces on his banner. Also he made a snowman instead of a ghost. Absolutely brilliant!’

30th September 2016 Stamps and stampers

At this fantastic messy play session we learnt how to make a variety of prints using everyday objects. We used vegetables, fruits, leaves, pipe cleaners, kitchen rolls, plastic bottle lids, foam stickers and pencils.
We also had a good selection of stampers for creating beautiful pictures.

What our families liked about this session:

‘It was lovely. A lot of ideas were shown during this session.’

‘We liked how you can use everyday objects to make interactive play and not much cost involved.’

‘Seeing what patterns all the different stamps made. Mixing all the different colours and shapes to make one big pictures.’

‘We loved the messy play. Kids always enjoy painting, but we rarely do this at home. Very inspiring.’

23rd September 2016 Pizza making

We had a chance to use our outdoor pizza cob oven as the weather was beautiful on the day.
Everybody enjoyed themselves not only making pizzas but also matching pasta pictures with the names, paying ‘How much do you know about Italy’ game and filling out the quiz.

We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs McQuirk, Mr Whitehouse, Mr Tighe and Donna for your help.

Christmas Biscuits

Today we designed and made our own Christmas biscuits, they look fantastic!

Times Table Madness!

Every day in year 6 we practise our times tables for 5 minutes using our hand held devise (PODS!). This half term the children have done remarkably well at improving their times, accuracy and memory recall of the facts.

Jess completes all the 148 questions in 5 minutes including up to the 19x tables.
Kaci has improved her accuracy by nearly 20%.
Jess, Reece, Rio, Ashley, Leigh, Jess, Ellis and Demi have all reached the final level!


For 6 weeks, year 6 have taken part in a programme called 'Respect' with Anthony and Kyle who work closely with young people in Irlam. The whole class have learnt a lot about the types of bullying, anti-social behaviour and solutions to different community problems. At the end of the 6 weeks, the children had to take a test to prove their knowledge and understanding! Everybody passed, and they each received a certificate to celebrate their achievements. Well done year 6!!


With the help of lots of fantastic songs the children have learnt a great deal this half term in geography! They are able to recognise lines of longitude and latitude, as well as locate their own country on a globe and atlas.
They were super impressive when it came to understanding the differences between the United Kingdom, the British Isles and Great Britain and they have the pictures to prove it!

Issues and Dilemmas

This half term in English some of the children having been focusing on issues and dilemmas. We have read Bill's New Frock which the children really enjoyed and were able to really understand thoughts and feelings of the characters as they faced dilemmas.
The children produced a conscience alley and freeze frames to express thoughts and emotions of the character in deciding how to resolve the dilemma. They had great fun!

States of Matter

Over this half term the children have been learning all about states of matter. They have identified solid, liquid and gases and their properties. The children played a game where they were particles and had to move into the particle formation for each state or object that was shouted. They found this extremely fun!

The children have also learnt all about the water cycle and have described what happens when something is heated and cooled. They especially showed great scientific knowledge and terminology when creating festive rice crispy cakes. One child review was: 'This Science lesson is yummy!'


With the help of lots of fantastic songs the children have learnt a great deal this half term in geography! They are able to recognise lines of longitude and latitude, as well as locate their own country on a globe and atlas.
They were super impressive when it came to understanding the differences between the United Kingdom, the British Isles and Great Britain and they have the pictures to prove it!

Issues and Dilemmas

This half term in English some of the children having been focusing on issues and dilemmas. We have read Bill's New Frock which the children really enjoyed and were able to really understand thoughts and feelings of the characters as they faced dilemmas.
The children produced a conscience alley and freeze frames to express thoughts and emotions of the character in deciding how to resolve the dilemma. They had great fun!

States of Matter

Over this half term the children have been learning all about states of matter. They have identified solids, liquids and gases and their properties. The children played a game where they were particles and had to move into the particle formation for each state or object that was shouted. They found this extremely fun!

The children have also learnt all about the water cycle and have described what happens when something is heated and cooled. They especially showed great scientific knowledge and terminology when creating festive rice crispy cakes. One child review was: 'This Science lesson is yummy!'

Seasonal Jumper Day

Today along with lots of other festive activities many of our children and staff wore seasonal jumpers.

Christmas Show

All of the children worked really hard to put on a spectacular nativity show. We enjoyed learning Christmas songs and new dances and thank you to all who came to support the children.

Y3 News

Thank-you to all the parents and carers who came to the parents’ evenings, it was lovely to hear that the children are enjoying school. They have particularly enjoyed our skeletons topic which we learned about even during our PE lessons! Recently we have been making lots of Christmas decorations and cards and many children are practising a Christmas dance for the talent show. Next half term we will be learning about rocks and volcanoes so I’m sure the children will have lots of information to share about those topics too!

Christmas Show

We have had a busy fun filled December! We have learned about the Christmas story and how we celebrate Christmas. We have been working super hard practising our Christmas show. We have learned new songs and dances. Our show was fantastic! A big thank you to all the parents and carers who came along to support the children and also for helping the children to practise the songs and their words at home.


We had some very exciting visitors in November! Fire-fighters from Irlam fire station came to visit us and tell us all about the job that they do and also how to be safe on bonfire night. We all had a go with the giant powerful hose- it was fun!


We have been celebrating lots this half-term! We learned all about the Hindu and Sikh festival 'Diwali'. We read the Diwali story and made Divas out of clay. We tried Indian food and dressed up in traditional outfits.

Half term 2

We have been busy in Nursery this half term learning about different festivals and special events. We enjoyed finding out more about Diwali-making Rangoli patterns & learning a special song. Also, we had a visit from the Fire fighters and fire engine and the children loved spraying the hose!

AJ Bell Stadium Tour

On Tuesday 6th December, year 6 went on a trip to the AJ Bell stadium as an end of unit treat for all the hard work they have put into their work with Lewis and Rick from Salford City Reds and Sale Sharks. All the children have completed a programme looking at healthy eating and rugby skills!

At the stadium, we had a look around their memorabilia museum; a quick glance at the treatment area and the players’ recreational space, as well as going pitch side for a photograph in the main stand. Following on from this, the children had a Q&A session with a player, Logan Tomkins. They all asked really interesting questions, including some Logan couldn’t even answer such as, ‘How many games has he played!’ To finish the trip off the children were given a goodie-bag and a selection box from Morsons, the company who has sponsored this project.​

This half term

Year 5 have enjoyed learning all about forces in action this half-term. They designed their own parachute experiment and learnt about the effects of air resistance. Matthew even brought his bike in to demonstrate this!

They have also been learning numbers and months in French and some children have video conferenced our partner school in France and asked each other when their birthdays are.

Mrs Dugdale’s Class

Our topic this half term has been all about our local area. We have learned all about what Irlam has to offer. We had a walk around the local area and used the information to do tally charts, as well as to write a report encouraging visitors to Irlam.
In R.E we have been learning about Islam, observing similarities and differences between it and other religions. During the last few weeks of term we have been learning about Christian celebrations in the lead up to Christmas.
In P.E we have completed the ‘Move With’ programme run by Manchester United. Next term P.E will be on a Thursday afternoon.
Along with class 2G we have been practising hard for our Nativity play and are looking forward to performing it during the last week of term.

Mrs Dugdale’s English Group

During this half term we have been focusing on ensuring that our sentences are written correctly. We have also written our own instructions for making a jam sandwich. We had great fun testing how good our instructions were by using them to make jam sandwiches in class.
In the early part of next half term we will continue to focus on sentence building, looking to expand our sentences and then to write questions and commands.

Mrs Dugdale’s Maths Group

During this half term we have been learning about multiplication and division. We have done lots of practical activities to help us with this. We have also been starting to learn about statistics, looking at pictograms and bar charts. We even used packets of Skittles and made our own bar charts showing how many of each colour were in each packet.
In the early part of next term we will be re-visiting place value, building on what we already know and expanding our knowledge. We will also be learning to count in 3s.


Mr Blake came to play his bagpipes for us, Kayla wrote about it in her book.


In English we have been identifying fiction and non-fiction texts. We also wrote a recount of our trip to the Chat Moss

In Maths we have been making, collecting and displaying data using charts and graphs. We have also been exploring money and the different coins we use to make different amounts.

In Science we have been looking at Materials and their properties.

In Topic we have been exploring ‘Old and New’. We have compared and contrasted different items and pictures and conducted research to help us understand parts of the past.

Anti Bullying

We are thrilled to have been awarded the BIG Award, in recognition of all the bullying intervention work we do. We have worked with the children, parents and carers and staff to achieve it.


Learning about money is tricky! Not for us in Year 1c!

Christmas story

We acted out the Christmas story- we had some amazing angels and shepherds!


This half term we have been learning all about Autumn. We have had a visitor from Chat Moss come to our school and show us all the nature within our school grounds and how we can identify Autumn. We have also taken part in the second half of our Autumn trip by going to the Chat Moss and experiencing the variety of environments and wildlife present there during the Autumn season. We have used these experiences to help us with our writing. We have created some wonderful stories and poems.
We have created an Autumn tree using our handprints.

Next half term our Topic is the Wheels on the Bus. We will be attending a trip to The Museum of Science and Industry to take part in work shops and look at the history of transport.

The Spanish teacher visit to school

Power 4 GOOD!

Last week as part of anti-bullying week, year 6 worked in small groups to act out a bullying scenario and then turn their pictures into a comic strip. Each group had to choose 1 from the 7 types of bullying and then think of how they could show this happening. They then had to come up with what someone should do in this situation and what the ideal outcome would be! In the pictures you will mainly see emotional, physical and cyber bullying will elements of verbal bullying too.

International Work

We have had a lovely week hosting Jaime and Jaime from our partner school in Spain. They spent time in every year group, looked at how we taught IT, and joined in anti-bullying work which took place during the week. They also found out about our behaviour systems, and how we support children with special educational needs and work alongside our parents. As well as this, we looked after them outside of school, showing them the sights of Manchester and Salford. They said they had a great week and are taking back lots of ideas to their own school. Thank you to everyone who made them feel so welcome!


This afternoon, year 6 had a visit from the Fire Department, who talked to them about being safe over winter. The children and the firemen discussed the dangers of ice and frozen water in the community, including frozen over ditches, rivers, reservoirs and lakes. The whole class are now very knowledgable on what they need to do to keep themselves and others safe. If you have any questions or concerns about keeping safe, come and ask one of year 6 for help!!

Chemistry with Cabbages

Year 6 had a really fun day looking at acids and alkalis using red cabbage as a pH indicator! All the children had fun wearing the goggles, using various pieces of scientific equipment and learning new skills along the way! To finish the day off, all the children got to make their own plastic which was very exciting!


CSI Lesson:
In English all of Year 4 have been involved in a CSI lesson linked to their fairy-tale topic. They were given Press Passes and asked to analyse the pieces of evidence. They then became journalists and reported the incident in their very own newspaper article.

Building bridges:
With Miss Parry the classes have been creating bridges in DT. They firstly looked at Manchester bridges and then designed their own version in groups. From this they then had to create the bridge and make sure a boat would be able to pass through!

In Miss Mansell’s Maths class they have been investigating 2D shapes and their properties. They create large Venn diagrams to show which properties they had in common and which were different.

Both Year 4 classes have been learning about the religion of Hinduism and how they celebrate. They have looked at Diwali in particular, creating rangoli patterns, retelling the story of Rama and Sita through a story board and creating candle light art.


Manchester water painting:
Year 4R have been using water colours to recreate a Manchester building. They had to think about the light and dark areas and choose the most appropriate colours.

CSI Lesson:
In English all of Year 4 have been involved in a CSI lesson linked to their fairy-tale topic. They were given Press Passes and asked to analyse the pieces of evidence. They then became journalists and reported the incident in their very own newspaper article.

Building bridges:
With Miss Parry the classes have been creating bridges in DT. They firstly looked at Manchester bridges and then designed their own version in groups. From this they then had to create the bridge and make sure a boat would be able to pass through!

In Miss Mansell’s Maths class they have been investigating 2D shapes and their properties. They create large Venn diagrams to show which properties they had in common and which were different.

4R have begun to take part in some yoga session with Miss Richardson, they all tried their hardest and keep their balance!

Both Year 4 classes have been learning about the religion of Hinduism and how they celebrate. They have looked at Diwali in particular, creating rangoli patterns, retelling the story of Rama and Sita through a story board and creating candle light art.

Remembrance Day

Well done to Y4M for their excellent assembly on Remembrance Day. The children had worked very hard to memorise their lines, and sang the beautiful song ‘In Flanders Fields’:


Children throughout the school who attended in Brownie and Beaver/Cub uniforms looked very smart.

Thank you to all parents and carers who were able to attend.
We also had a minute’s silence at 11am.

European Work

As well as the funding for the children to complete the work with France, we have also received funding for 'staff mobility', where some staff work alongside schools in other countries to develop practice. 2 members of staff were lucky enough to spend a week visiting and working in a school in Spain to look at how they approach emotional intelligence and mindfulness. We are also very excited to be welcoming 2 members of their staff to our school the week of the 14th November. Have a look at the leaflet we have created after our trip for further information.

Reception have been super busy...

Reception have been enjoying lots of stories this term. We began with ' The Rainbow Fish'. We enjoy collecting 'Rainbow fish scales' for good behaviour and lots of fabulous work. These help us to earn a whole class treat! We have had several treats already.

The children really enjoyed 'We're going on a bear hunt' and were amazed when the bear us left a letter. We wrote letters and recorded special messages for the bear. We acted out the story and investigated outside for clues from the bear.

We read 'The Gruffalo' and looked out for him on our fantastic trip to Worsley woods. We found lots and lots of conkers! We have learned about animal habitats and looked carefully at features of animals and their colours. We have also learned about Autumn and even made some hedgehogs out of clay.

We spent lots of time dressing up as Winnie the witch and we had lots of fun making spooky potions in our cauldrons.

Last half term in Nursery we focused on getting to know each other and developing routines and relationships. We talked about our Class Rules - having "Kind Hands, "Walking Feet"and "Gentle Voices" and enjoyed doing some activities to support those rules.

We also found out about the season of Autumn and enjoyed an Autumn Walk in Worsley Woods, collecting leaves, conkers and acorns. Lots of parents and carers accompanied the children and it was a lovely, hands-on way of exploring the season.

Finally, we enjoyed reading and retelling stories such as "The 3 Little Pigs" and "Red Riding Hood", using puppets as props for our story telling, and building the pigs' houses outside!

A Great Start in Y3!

The children in Y3 have made a great start to the year. They have settled in really well and I am already seeing big improvements in behaviour, co-operation and listening skills.
In October we went to Chat Moss to learn about the history of George Stephenson building a railway, and had great fun building our own railway tracks.

Then we created art work to make pictures of George Stephenson.

We are now using maps to learn about Irlam now and in the past looking at old and new buildings. We are going for a walk around the area next week to see what we can find.


Year 1 have been learning about Autumn and how our world changes at this time. We have read lots of stories and written poems about the colours and animals at Autumn time.
We were lucky enough to go to Chat Moss and explore the woods to see the changes in real life. We had lots of fun squishing in mud and crunching in the red, yellow and brown leaves. Some children said 'It was the best day ever!'

The children have settled in well to Year 2.

During the first half term we have spent time on place value, addition and subtraction and measuring. The children have done lots of practical activities to support their learning, including making chocolate cornflake cakes to practise their weighing skills.

The children have done a lot of work looking at what are nouns, verbs and adjectives. Firstly they did a lot of work based on The Jolly Postman by Alan Ahlberg, including writing their own version of the story. The children then looked at traditional tales with a twist. In groups they performed their own version of a traditional tale using stick puppets.

Our topic for the first half term was Materials. The children looked at the properties of different materials, as well as what we use different materials for. During the topic we completed a materials hunt around school. The children also planned and carried out their own investigation to decide which material(s) would make the best umbrella for our class teddy bear.

Autumn – Half Term 2
During this half term we will be continuing to develop our knowledge in English and Maths. Our topic this half term is “Our Local Area.” As part of our topic we will be taking a walk around our local area to look at the features and amenities. We have also already started practising for our Christmas production.

Miss Gregory’s English Class

Our focus this half term is Non-chronological Reports. We have been memorising a report about the ‘Cadishead Ridgeback’ so that we can “steal” the language and use it when we write our own reports. We have created our own story map to help us.

Rose Blanche Dramatics...

The book year 6 are using as part of their English work this half term is Rose Blanche! We have only read the first few pages (please don't spoil the story!) but have already been putting our brains to hard work. In groups the children freeze framed a scene in the book, and then used their ideas to write out a dialogue between the characters.

Simple or progressive?

During the first week back after half term, year 6 have been busy at work learning about the present tense in grammar lessons. Using a Toy Story clip for inspiration, and then images of superman and chimpanzees(!), the class worked well in pairs to write sentences both in the simple present tense and the present progressive!

Year 6 Visit Chat Moss!

On 27th September and 4th October, year 6 paid a visit to Chat Moss to conclude their topic on animals and living things. They had to use their knowledge on classifying animals in order to complete various tasks and activities. All the children had a really good time even though some of them got stuck in the mud! Many thanks to Lydia McCool and The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside for funding this excursion.

Year 6 read aloud!

As part of their 'writing a narrative' unit of work, year 6 started off by reading someone else's work! We practised carefully using the punctuation to read the work to a partner, this really emphasised the importance of including punctuation in a paragraph. We then discussed any vocabulary we didn't know - thinking about whether we could figure out the meaning from the context it was used. To finish with some children volunteered to read their paragraph aloud to the class!

Year 6 learn their tenses!

This half term, year 6 have been focusing on the past tense, learning about the progressive, perfect and simple forms of different verbs. Here they are completing a sorting activity putting their knowledge into practise!

Ancient Egypt

Year 5 have been researching all about Ancient Egypt in topic and have done some lovely artwork, reports and hieroglyphics.

Deli Counter

This year we have invested in a Subway type deli counter. We have employed a new member of staff to help produce freshly made sandwiches to order. The children love the idea, it has encouraged them to enjoy healthier options as there is lots of variety. Donna is also encouraging the children to come up with their own ideas of what they would like to see served in their school. Also, we have tried to introduce different types of bread including wraps, torpedoes, Pitta bread, brown and white barms and the old faithful, brown and white bread.

All the staff are really enjoying our very own deli too and looking forward to our dinner times minus their home made packed lunch.

Street Dance comes to Fiddlers Lane!

On Monday 5th September, year 6 were the first class to trial the Street Dance taster session. I was extremely impressed with the timing and co-ordination of all of the children. It's easy to say they definitely had better dance moves than me and Miss Bradshaw.
The session started with a warm-up and stretching, this was followed by an arm strengthening activity and then we finished our session off with learning part of a routine!
We all had a really good time and I know many children in year 6 are excited about starting the after school activity on a Monday after-school at 4:30pm. Make sure you ask them to show you their moves!

Year 6 thinks about what makes a DREAM school!

The first week back after the summer holidays, initially saw year 6 thinking about what would make a 'Nightmare school'. They all came up with some really imaginative ideas and discussed the ideas of bullying and unfairness in a school setting. The class then worked well in groups to act out what a 'Nightmare school' would be like!
From un-fair punishments, to ganging up on people, to teachers rewarding bullies - we were all quick to realise what a Nightmare it would truly be! After this, we then mind-mapped what would they would want to see in a 'Dream school' - many were quick to notice that their ideas closely resembled our school rules. Well done year 6!


Do you know how much does it cost to entertain your child?

Take: an empty shoe box, a few spare tiny boxes, a free Ikea catalogue, one child and one adult. Mix the child with the adult, at room temperature, add peace and quiet and release their imaginations.
Does it sound easy and achievable?

If you were fed with ideas of how to spend fun time with your children and don’t spend a fortune; Mums’ and Dads’ Club sessions helped you to improve face to face communication and/or you enjoyed spending quality family time and shared creative moments with your children in school our goal has been achieved!

If you have not tried the Club yet, please join in from September 2016 when the Club is back with more exciting activities.
Your opinion and personal experience is valuable and helps with planning and improving Mums’ and Dads’ Club future sessions, therefore please email me: a.zgrabczynska@salford.gov.uk with any thoughts, comments, suggestions or question you may have.

Aleksandra Zgrabczynska
Parent Link Worker

FINALE 1st July 2016

Our last session was full of fun and surprises. Our loyalty scheme program winners were revealed and prizes were given out. We played party games and had a chance to reflect on the sessions over tea/coffee and refreshments. I would like to thank you for being a part of Mums’ & Dads’ Club in the academic year of 2015/2016.

‘It was fun. Full of excitement for the children who loved every minute. Thank you Ola for all prizes you gave out + for all the effort you put in to make Mums’ and Dads’ Club so popular.’
‘Great. Nice to see everyone having fun. The prizes were great too. Can’t wait to start coming again!’
‘Very good session. Brilliant prizes which we weren’t expecting. Lots of fun and dancing games that the kids enjoyed. Lots of refreshments that the kids enjoyed. Brilliant. Loved it.’
‘It was lovely to see so many families playing together and having fun. It was nice that every child got a prize and recognition for taking part. The children really enjoyed having hot chocolate and making their own cakes. I think these little touches make it more special and gives them a chance to try something new.’


Children made beautiful cards for Father’s Day today. We also made kites and had such a great time when trying them out! It was good to hear children laughing and running outside.

‘We enjoyed making kites and even more flying them afterwards! Thank you.’
‘Today was brilliant - one of the best sessions. My son loved going outside with his kite.’
‘It was fantastic! To see my children’s happy faces flying their kites was amazing.’

KEYRINGS 10th June 2016

Today children decorated wooden keyrings and made their own bead keyrings. We have seen some great designs – well done! Everybody enjoyed the session and had lots of fun.

‘My son really enjoyed doing the keyrings. He always looks forward to Mums’ and Dads’ Club. Thanks for organising them.’
‘Both girls enjoyed Mums’ and Dads’ Club today (as always), as did I, especially as I don’t get to come very often.’

MEXICAN FIESTA 27th May 2016

Today we celebrated Children’s Day. We had a great time making tacos, painting Mexican pictures, paying games: Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Loteria Mexicana. We also took funny photos at our own Mexican photo booth. Thank you to all parents and carers who helped with running the activities.

‘Really fun session, well organised. Good selection of activities. Good to get pupils involved in running things.’
‘It’s beautiful, very interesting. The kids have fun as well as the parents. The activities were exciting.’
‘Good variety of activities and really nice food.’


Our families were invited to have a go at knitting with our lovely guests from the local knitting groups: Wild and Crafty Ltd and the Knitting & Crochet Group. We found out more about knitting and other crafty opportunities in the area. We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the ladies for helping us today.
We also made pompoms and turned them in to different creatures. Creativity was just amazing!


Today we had a special guest at Mums’ & Dads’ Club, Alan Clare who is a retired carpenter and now involved in a lot of work with schools, scouts and other community groups. Together we were building and painting cardboard airplanes. Thank you so much Alan for coming and sharing with us some interesting facts about the airplanes!
Families also had an opportunity to try and make an origami plane.

‘A really fun session. Simple ideas that engage the children, get them problem solving and produce something fun to play with.’
‘Great session as always, boys really enjoyed aeroplanes. Great resources.’

PIZZA MAKING 29th April 2016

Our families had a great opportunity to work together to make their own pizzas. There was a variety of toppings available. They all looked delicious and, judging by children’s facial expression while eating them, tasted yummy. While the pizzas were in the oven we played ‘true or false’ questions about Italy, filled out a quiz about Italy and matched pasta names with the pictures. We also had some hot chocolate. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Mr Tighe for taking the time and helping with this activity.

Everybody enjoyed pizza making and having a hot chocolate.


We would like say a big THANK YOU to Heather Mooney, one of our lovely mums, who helped us today with decorating cupcakes. We also made and decorated baskets for our cupcakes and put together jigsaw puzzles for the Queen‘s celebration. Everybody enjoyed themselves.

‘Good session, kids enjoyed decorating + eating cupcakes, lots of different toppings!’
‘Lovely afternoon making delicious cupcakes with my children.’
‘Today’s session was absolutely wonderful. Very well organised. Well done Ola.’

PLANTING SEEDS 18th March 2016

Today’s session was dedicated to Y3 children to help them with learning about the requirements of plants for life and growth. We planted the seeds (there was a selection of vegetables and flowers to choose from), decorated the pots and designed our own stickers with names. Every child was given a plant diary to fill out once the plant starts growing and changing.
We also made Easter cards at tea/coffee time.

‘Kids enjoyed today’s session, kept busy the whole time, great resources as usual. They can’t wait to watch their plants grow.’
‘We have all really enjoyed this session – thank you so much Ola for all your effort and materials.’
‘It was fun and creative.’

FANCY SANDWICHES 11th March 2016

Families enjoyed making and eating fancy healthy sandwiches at Mums’ and Dads’ Club today. The designs were superb and all looked delicious! We had prizes for the most creative ones – congratulations to the winners and thank you everyone for voting.

‘It was fantastic. Myself and my children really enjoyed making their sandwich creations and then enjoyed eating them. Lots of variety of fillings.’
‘I think today’s session went well. Everyone seemed to have fun and make funny sandwiches.’
‘Absolutely awesome! There were loads of vegetables and designs to choose from.’


Ladies from Irlam and Cadishead Craft Group joined us today with their creative ideas and helping hands. They also told us about the group at tea/coffee time. Thank you for your time ladies, it was lovely having you working with us. Look at the gorgeous cards children made for Mother’s Day! We also decorated compact mirrors which made a great gift for the occasion.

‘Kids enjoyed making Mother’s Day cards, lots of equipment to choose from.’
‘Really enjoyed Mums’ and Dads’ Club. Never been before but will be definitely coming again.’
‘The card making and mirror decorating was organised and there were a lot of choices of materials. Thank you.'

MOSAIC TILE COASTERS 26th February 2016

Check this out! We were very creative making mosaic tile coasters and we really enjoyed it. Thank you Mr Whitehouse for your helping with finishing them off.

‘Innovative – enjoyed making coasters.’
‘It was good to have a challenge as it took a bit of work but was also enjoyable and quite therapeutic.’
‘Great session, kids enjoyed working mosaic tiles; great resources.’

Valentine's Day 12th February 2016

For the first time we made some sweets at Mums’ & Dads’ Club! We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Kerry, Craig and Megan Hindle for guiding us step by step and all the hard work they put into helping us with making strawberry and mint creams.
We also made stunning Valentine’s Day cards. Well done everyone!

‘I enjoyed gluing and sticking. Making sweets was fun.’
‘It was really good it made me and my son bond one on one.’
‘Enjoyed today’s session, Valentine’s card and sweets, kids loved making sweets all run smoothly.’


We just love celebrating festivals at Mums’ & Dads’ Club. Children enjoyed making Venetian face masks, decorating biscuits, playing party games and face painting. Parents/carers had a good time joining in the fun and chatting over tea/coffee and refreshments.
We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Kelsey Gilbert, one of our lovely mums, for beautiful designs and a face painting tutorial.

‘Absolutely brilliant! Both myself and Jeremiah enjoyed today there was loads to do. Great job Ola ;)’
‘Good, well organised, kids enjoyed it.’
‘Was really good and fun for the kids with lots to do.’
‘Thought it was really good. Liked the variety of activities available.’

POP UP BOOKS 29th January 2016

Today’s session was dedicated to our Reception children and helped with mastering new skills and concepts such as spelling, handwriting and composition. We made beautiful under the sea pop up books! At tea/coffee time ladies from the local Slimming World group shared with us a story of their own journey. They brought carrier bags, magazines and leaflets and answered questions about the group.

Families liked the idea of making pop up books.

‘The pop up book I really enjoyed. Will continue this at home.’
‘Great ideas, fun to make.’

Mysterious Egg found in Year 4...

This week Year 4 have found an egg in their classroom! After much discussion and research, they have guessed that the egg belongs to a dragon. The class have debated whether they should destroy it or keep it safe, giving point and evidence for their opinion. The arguments were well thought out and imaginative- Miss Richardson especially enjoyed the argument that the Queen needs protecting.

Time Detectives

In Year 4, we visited Salford Museum where we had the chance to find out lots more about our History topic of the Victorians. Firstly, we split into smaller groups and became ‘TIME DETECTIVES’ giving us all a chance to hold Victorian artefacts and try to guess what they were used for. Some of the ideas the children decided upon were very interesting and inventive. Our guide, Gemma, then talked through each one and told us its purpose. Everyone learnt lots, including the adults!
After a quick bite to eat we then had the opportunity to walk around Lark Hill place which is a preserved Salford Victorian street. Gemma had given us all the task to locate all the artefacts we had learnt about and discuss which buildings they would belong too.
The day went fantastically and the children had an amazing day learning!

Fruit Kebab

Year 4 have designed their own fruit kebabs! Today, they had the chance to create them! The finished products were very yummy and colourful.


In Maths we have been learning about plotting co-ordinates. Miss Richardson created a huge grid on the carpet and the class used colourful plastic balls with co-ordinates wrote on to plot and show her how much they knew! She was very impressed and the class enjoyed the physical activity!

R.E - pilgrimage

Year 4 have been learning about different pilgrimages across different religions. For an Art lesson, Miss Richardson had all the class think of their favourite special place they would visit. Some lovely ideas were mentioned like their younger bother being born, a special holiday destination or a family members house. The class including Miss Richardson and Miss Lewis then created a piece of art representing this place. They thought about the different colours and textures that could be used to represent their emotions when being at that special time/place.
The final pieces were amazing!

Easter Eggs

A great turnout of Easter Eggs this year! Some very inventive ideas. Well done to our class winner; Noah Clowes!!

Pirates Ohhh Arrrr!

In Reception 2, we have been exploring Pirates Ohhh Arrrr!
We began by reading a very interesting story ‘The Pirates Next Door’. The following day the children discovered a special treasure map. But where would it lead to? We arrived at the outdoor sand pit only to find.... A pair of teeth!!
The children were amazed; they asked questions and together came up with some fabulous ideas of whose they could be.
The children had lots of fun exploring the teeth, using them in our continuous provision and they were never far away.

Every day we needed to make sure they were put back in their special box and in the correct place chosen by the children (the sand pit) because we wouldn’t want anyone to steal them would we? Until.. 'Jim lad' needed them back and left behind a video. The children have been inspired, enthused and excited during this topic. We would love if Jim Lad would visit us again soon!

Miss McIntosh, Mrs Brownbill, Mr Sloane

Half term in Year 5

Year 5 have had a busy and exciting half-term. They have learnt all about Space and then enjoyed a visit away to London.
They will be presenting an assembly all about London on Friday 26th February at 9.15am so please come along if you can!

BOTTLE CORKS 22nd January 2016

What can you turn a simple bottle cork into? It was a great opportunity to use our imagination and get as creative as we wanted. It was another brilliant session.
At tea/coffee time Miss Cooper discussed E-safety issues with parents and carers. It was very informative.
What people enjoyed today:
‘Being creative and watching my daughter enjoying having the freedom to choose what to do and how to do it. Really good idea to have a parent session at the end too. Useful information and chance to get to know each other.’
‘How simple but good the session was.’
‘The variety of materials there was to use and that the kids could make something with very little help,’

STAR WARS FUN 15th January 2016

Today’s session was fantastic! Selection of tasks put a smile on so many faces. Star War was a great theme to make 3D characters, Rock Buddies, jigsaw puzzles and mazes. Thank you for many positive comments complimenting the session. Our families mostly liked:
‘Spending quality time with my daughter making things we might not have made at home.’
‘Boys enjoyed today’s Star Wars theme, simple supplies but very effective.’
‘Making things that my daughter could play with and be interactive. Laughing and having fun with my daughter.’


Today we created a range of Christmas tree decorations made out of foam sheets. We found out about Polish Christmas traditions and had a quiz. We also matched Polish traditional Christmas dishes photos with names and descriptions. It was truly impressive how well it went. Mums and dads also tried finger print painting: beautiful penguins and snowmen!
Everybody liked ‘Learning all about Polish traditions at Christmas’ and’ Making special decorations for our family tree.’

JEWELLERY 27th November

With our special guest Fay Flatt from Salford Community Leisure we painted our beautiful fridge magnets and made original jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces and key rings. It was so much fun! Everybody worked really hard to produce many items to be sold on the Christmas Market.

FRIDGE MAGNETS 20th November 2015

Children love messy play and being creative! Therefore at Mums’ and Dads’ Club they had a great opportunity to release their imagination. Today we used salt dough to make fridge magnets. Watching everybody enjoying themselves and working hard on their designs was a real joy.
We also painted winter scene pictures.
Thank you for all wonderful comments about the session.
‘It was nice to spend some time with Alice at her school environment. Great ideas of how to entertain child at home. Very nice and friendly atmosphere and great opportunity to interact with other parents, meet child’s friends.’
‘Today was brilliant! Jeremiah loved rolling out the salt dough. He even enjoyed making his snow picture.’
‘Getting messy, being creative and working together. It was nice to see my daughter forming her ideas and involving me in her plans. Making a memory.’

BOARD GAMES 13th November 2015

To support our Reception children’s learning we made colourful board games. It helps them with counting and number recognition. A great selection of templates was available for children to choose from and decorate with their favourite characters. Children also wrote numbers and made counters. All board games we made were laminated and taken home for fun family game time.
What our parents and carers thought about this session:
‘Well thought out activity, well planned and supported.’
‘It was fun! We both really enjoyed it. As it was our first time as well but it was lovely. Very welcoming.’
‘Making a board game and able to put numbers down...good bonding time.’
‘Really liked that you had your own options to choose witch board game templates you liked. Also there were loads of different stickers to choose from.’
‘Kids really enjoyed today making a board game, good fun making their own rules, good resources as well.’


We had a go at making eco Christmas projects out of recycling materials with our Green Safety Team. What a selection of useful items we created: eco cards, gift tags and newspaper gift bags.
Well done everybody!

REWARD CHARTS 16th October 2015

To promote good behaviour and encourage good listening we made reward charts. This session was dedicated to our Nursery children, however opened to everybody. There were different templates available children could decorate with their favourite characters. Readymade charts were laminated for long lasting use.
What our parents and carers liked about this session:
‘Spending time together, making something that will be useful at home. Watching them pick what they want on their own and decorating their own chart.’
‘Spending time together. Doing something fun. They like sticking and gluing. They also seem excited about having a chart at home as well.’
‘Being able to spend some quality time with my son and also setting tasks for my child to follow.’

GLASS PAINTING 9th October 2015

Today we tried glass painting at Mums’ and Dads’ Club. We decorated candle holders and made coasters as well. Looks like everybody had a great time.
‘We loved it!! What a great idea to paint glass candle holders. Very productive and very enjoyable. Especially good idea to have a practice attempt on paper before having a go on the glass.’
Check out our designs.

CLAY MODELLING 2nd October 2015

Making our own little friends out of clay was so exciting! Lovely comments were made in the feedback forms such as:
‘Oh! Today was absolutely brilliant, great fun for my son and I.’
‘We loved creating different things with clay. Joshua made a plane + diamond mine car, Max made bugs + food +Zombies and Georgia made a beautiful pot.’
Everybody was very imaginative creating some stunning items.

PHOTO FRAMES 25th September 2015

We started a new academic year with making beautiful foam sheet photo frames for our favourite family photographs and those taken during summer holidays. Families enjoyed doing fun crafts together, meeting other parents and appreciated a wide range of materials available.
‘We both enjoyed the activity as something we haven’t done before. Will be definitely doing this at home.’

Pancake Day

Well done to Reception 2 for all your hard work during our pancake day assembly performance! The children were fantastic and I am very proud of them all. Thank you to all the parents and careers who came to watch their children. Congratulations to Jack Holmes mother on winning the Pancake tossing competition! The children became chefs by test tasting ingredients, writing recipes and creating their very own pancakes with the help of Suzanne. They have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and were full of smiles for the rest of their day.
Miss McIntosh & Mrs Brownbill

KS2 Trip to London - 2016

Children from KS2 had an amazing trip to London, full of new experiences. For some it had been the first time they had been away from home, and for some the first time they had ever slept in a hotel.

We visited lots of exciting places and saw lots of sights - Piccadilly Circus, the River Thames, China Town, The Ritz, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.

We visited inside the Houses of Parliament for a tour and workshop, and saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the West End. We also had a tour of the BBC Broadcasting House, as well as a cruise on the River Thames.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, saying things like 'it was the best trip they had ever been on', and 'they wanted to do it all over again'. The children were all brilliantly behaved, and we were proud that we had so many compliments from members of the public about how polite and well-behaved our children were.

Attendance Awards

Reception 2 won the attendance award last term, as a treat the children decided they wanted McDonalds! Well done. Who will win next time?

Parliament tour and workshop

Various pictures of the Parliament tour and workshop tour.


Just to let everyone know, we have arrived safely at the Houses of Parliament.

First stop services on the M6 toll road!

First stop services on the M6 toll road!

Winter Soup

The Nursery children had lots of fun chopping different vegetables to make warming winter soup! We then set up a 'Soup Kitchen' outside & enjoyed tasting our soup in the winter sunshine!

French Trip

We are organising our first ever exchange trip to the tiny primary, Ecole Pierre Bossy, in the Alpine village of Jarjayes, which has just 48 children thanks to a £48,000 grant from the European Union.

Children in year five have been speaking to the children via the internet and have written letters to them.

Fire Service Visit

The Foundation Stage had a visit from the Fire service on Monday 23rd November. Everyone had great fun learning more about what Fire fighters do. The children climbed on the Fire Engine and squirted water from the hose! It was a fabulous first hand experience, and the children have responded by painting pictures, writing about the visit and engaging in Fire Fighter play.

French Trip


We were very excited to find that our Erasmus+ bid had been awarded, to further develop our partnership with a school in Jarjayes, France. They are coming to visit us in May, and we are going to visit them in May 17. Our Y5 class currently speaks to their pupils via Scopia once a fortnight, and are comparing cultures. We are also doing joint projects with them, such as maths competitions, and writing to each other. We are really looking forward to actually meeting everyone from the school. Please read the link below for more information:

Teach Your Monster To Read

Teach Your Monster to Read is a series of games which help children to learn the key first stages of reading.

Combining top quality game design with essential learning, the games complement most systematic synthetic phonics programmes.

Your child has a username and password to access this free software at home and your child's teacher can check how they are getting on. Please ask at School if you have any further questions. Enjoy!

Mrs Evans


This has been great so far and the class are delighted that we are winning the attendance race at the moment! They are trying to keep it up until the race ends at Christmas to get the prize!

Out first topic was light and we investigated light sources and shadows using torches and the sun. The children wanted to investigate if we could make coloured shadows. When they managed to do this, they designed and made some lovely stained glass window pictures, which cast coloured shadows on the walls and floors to brighten up the corridor!

We are now learning about Ancient Greece and will be making clay pots and painting pictures. We have already found out about where the Olympic games come from, and have been learning about the Greek gods.

In R.E. we have been learning about Moses and the 10 commandments, and some children have written or illustrated the story have their work on a great display in the corridor.

The violin and flute lessons have started and the children were very excited to take their instruments home last week. We have emphasised that it will take practice to get a good sound so nobody should worry if they are still trying to do that. A lot of the instruments are already sounding great!

Class representatives.

Well done to Abbi and Casey who were elected onto the school council. This week they helped Ms Kenright present an assembly all about friendship.

Also congratulations to Maggie and Bobby who were chosen to be on Mr Whitehouse’s green team. They have already been out deadheading the flowers in the school grounds.


Lots of children have received Mathletics certificates so far which is fantastic. Bobby, Maddy G, Kavita and Casey have had Reading around the World certificates, and Luke Siddaway, Abbi and Brendan have completed the Reading Challenge. Well done!

“In Y3 we have been doing an awful lot like French, English, topic and learning about Ancient Greece.” (Jay Buck)

“We have been learning about French. I know some words of French like the colours. I like learning about Ancient Greece.” (Luke Santos)


This school year we have had in total 30 Mums’ and Dads’ Club sessions, events and workshops. I am very happy to reward Katie Whitehouse with her children and Kerry Agius with her children with boxes of Alice in Wonderland cup cakes made by Jackie Heaton. Katie and her family participated in 25 sessions and Kerry with her family participated in 21 sessions. Congratulations to both top families. Thank you Jackie for the cup cakes, as always they were beautiful.
Mums’ and Dads’ Club activities will continue from September. There may be some prizes for attendance in next academic year so don’t miss out and join in the fun.
Thank you again to all our lovely families for your time, positive feedback and being a part of Mums’ and Dads’ Club. Working with you was a pleasure.

Alice in Wonderland Family Challenge 10th July 2015

Over 20 families entered the Alice in Wonderland challenge at Mums’ & Dads’ Club. Everybody followed the White Rabbit’s trail and completed as many tasks as they could and collected the stickers. It was important to remember that everyone ‘WAS LATE’ and therefore they had to move quickly around the activities. At the end every child who took part in the competition was rewarded with a tea pot. Tasks were found ‘manageable and fun’ by most of participants. There was a wide selection of activities as following: making: White Rabbit Ears, a drink mixer, a cup cake decoration, a picture using playing cards, breaking the code, pining the smile on the Cheshire Cat and a heart on the playing card, dressing Alice/Mad Hatter, quiz: ‘Which Alice in Wonderland character are you?’ and decorating a cup cake.
Children thought it was ‘awesome’ and ‘brilliant’, parents and carers enjoyed the activities and spent a great afternoon with children.
Thank you for taking part in this fantastic event.

Space photo frames 26th June 2015

Space is a great theme for children any age. We made bookmarks, collages and photo frames different shapes and colours using lots of fun space stickers.

Super Hero T-shirts 19th June 2015

Our families had a chance to design Super Hero T-shirts for Father’s Day! Excellent work everybody. Your T-shirts were beautiful! It was a great afternoon. Families liked the wide range of tools, ‘being as creative as you wish’, the theme and a great atmosphere.

How to plait children’s hair? 12th June 2015

Heidi Mustoe was our special guest at Mums’ & Dads’ Club. Thank you so much for your time and tutorial on how to braid and plait children’s hair. Everybody enjoyed the session and learnt new skills. Mums would love Heidi to come in again to show us more hair ideas.
We also made beautiful loom band bracelets.

Children’s Day 5thJune

Ahoy! We celebrated Children’s Day at Mums’ & Dads’ Club like pirates! It was a super fun afternoon filled with many attractions such as: cupcake decorating, pirate games, crafts and kaleidoscope making using specially designed kits.
Our families enjoyed all of the activities, nice atmosphere, had fun, laughed and loved working in a team.

May Day 22nd May 2015

It was a great fun to celebrate May Day. Thank you to Y6 and Nursery teachers for your involvement, and Y6 children for their beautiful maypole and Morris dancing and lovely biscuits. Thank you to Elizabeth, Debbie and Bethany for your support and delicious cake. Our families made stunning crowns – well done everybody! We also crowned the new May King and Queen – what a beautiful couple they made.

Games Time 15th May 2015

We had lots of fun playing different games: ‘Find somebody who ...’, ‘Who am I?’, charades, ‘Pin a horn on the unicorn’ and ‘Balloon Fun’. Families thought ‘the resources were very good and suitable for the group’ and ‘the games were age appropriate and enjoyed by all children of mixed ages.’
At tea/coffee time parents and carers had an opportunity to design their own jigsaw. They thought it was a great idea.

Pen holders 8th May 2015

Exciting decoupage technique we tried to decorate beautiful pen holders using children’s favourite characters’ pictures, glitter, stickers and other materials.
Families liked being creative and spending quality time together. Parents appreciated the wide selection of decorations and the idea of pen holder decorating.